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What to Expect When Wedding Planning

Being engaged is the most exciting time of your life. The love of your life just proposed, and you get to marry him! All that follows the engagement are seemingly blissful, right? However, planning the wedding could be more exhilarating. There are lots of added stressors that many new brides need to realize. To give you full transparency, here’s a blog with all you need to know and expect when wedding planning.

Check for any Wedding Blackout Dates

Make sure you know in advance if your wedding date coincides with a trade conference, charity walk, or another local event that might affect traffic and hotel availability. Invite your guests to reserve their rooms early if your wedding date falls during a busy time.

Use Credit to Your Advantage

Get a rewards credit card to take advantage of the high cost of weddings (yes, you read that right). Consolidate all your wedding-related purchases onto one credit card and you can accumulate thousands of reward points (which can be used for your honeymoon).

Pay It Forward

Don’t be afraid to let one vendor lead you to another. Wedding photographers can suggest florists who do fantastic work, and reception managers should know which bands pack the dance floors. Additionally, knowing your wedding vendors makes it easier for them to communicate style ideas and day-of logistics, resulting in a more cohesive look and feel for your big day.

Create Structure & Organization

Make sure you have an online checklist, budgeter, and guest list manager set up before you meet with vendors or sign checks. Compile all your correspondence with vendors, notes you make during meetings, and photos from magazines you want vendors to see in a three-ring binder. To ensure that you can easily access your wedding-related emails, creating a unique email address is a bright idea.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask

Ask a vendor you love for other recommendations if their price range is outside yours. It is common for incredible photographers to have assistants (with a similar aesthetic) who will work at a lower price. Other categories are the same. Your favorite florist can suggest an upcoming florist within your price range if she cannot work within your budget.

Contact Boston’s Best Events for Wedding Planning Information

If you’re still left with questions, or you know that you have a better idea and want to start planning, our Boston’s Best Events team is happy to help! We’re here for you no matter what. To get in touch with us, please call 617.941.5250 or get started planning your event online. We look forward to hearing from you and helping make your special day magical!

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