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“From the moment we began planning our event with Kristi, we knew we were in capable hands, but we didn’t anticipate just how amazing the whole experience would be.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Boston’s Best Events for not just meeting, but exceeding our expectations, and for being an integral part of creating joyful, life-long memories.”

Helen Jones

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“From the initial stages of our event planning at Sonsie, it became abundantly clear that we were in the hands of a professional, thanks to Sari’s exceptional guidance. We had high expectations based on her reputation, but the actual experience surpassed what we had imagined. “

– Jordan Ellis


“Choosing Bar Enza for our recent gathering turned out to be a stroke of genius, much of which can be credited to Sari’s outstanding organizational skills. Her approach was refreshingly innovative, infusing our event with a unique flair that was both impressive and delightful.

Sari’s knack for understanding our vision and translating it into reality made the entire experience at Bar Enza truly exceptional. Her attention to the smallest details, coupled with the venue’s inviting atmosphere, created a perfect backdrop for our event.”

Alexandra Preston

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