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Creating the Perfect Event Theme: Tips and Ideas

Creating the perfect event theme and executing it properly can be challenging. At Boston’s Best Events, our event planners are prepared and trained to help you secure the perfect venue, vendors, and staff for your Boston corporate or private event. Follow along as we aid you in keeping your event running smoothly with a proper theme and message.

3 Tips to Choose Your Events Theme

Getting your event theme right can be a pretty daunting task. These three tips guide you through the process, ensure your theme is consistent throughout, and wow your audience. 

Create a Tagline for Your Type of Event

It all begins with a tagline to stand out from the crowd, impress your audience, and leave your guests with a memorable moment. This small summary will help you send a message to your audience and also help you keep structure throughout the planning process. This tagline will also help any guest speakers attending your event, and give them an understanding of your theme and goals. Event taglines can boost marketing efforts that build value and attract attention to your event. 

Creative Ideas 

After making notes on the type of theme you desire for this event, it is time to get creative. This moment is crucial as you can transform a basic idea into something unique and your own. These creative ideas can be incorporated by adding business color schemes. Capitalizing on your previous branding efforts can be as simple as branded cocktail napkins or raw bar extravagant ice sculptures. Whether this event is a large corporate event or a minor holiday event, wow your guests with unique customizable items that cater to your theme.

Keep it Consistent

Throughout the planning process and swallowing the theme chosen, it is important to keep everything consistent and flow easily. For example, if you choose a BBQ picnic theme, it will confuse your guests if you make the dress code black tie or business professional. Ensure your message is worked into every aspect, from decor, food, attire, food, and even music. Give your guests a sneak peek at the event by sending an invitation that follows your theme and message. 

Bring Your Theme to Life With Boston’s Best Events

Our professional event planning services at Boston’s Best Events can help you bring the theme of your event to life. Having a theme for your event can help in so many ways to capture your message as well as create a visually appealing experience. From your ideal venue, food, and vendors, our event planners will take the stress out of your event so you can enjoy it too! To begin utilizing our event planners, please call us at 617-941-5250 today.

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