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Choosing the Perfect Venue for Your Non-Profit Fundraising Event

Planning and hosting a non-profit fundraising event can be a stressful task. When planning a large event in Boston, or any large city, multiple factors go into selecting the perfect venue for your fundraiser. Considerations to remember when choosing your venue include the location, capacity, accessibility, amenities, and cost, to name a few. Once you have answers to these factors, you should review the types of venues available to you, like banquet halls, conference centers, and restaurants with private event spaces. Choosing the perfect venue for your event is a challenging job, but at Boston’s Best Events, we are here to help you find your perfect venue in Boston! Continue reading to see our top considerations for your venue selection.

Our Top 4 Considerations For Your Venue

In addition to performing your own research on these considerations for your venue selection, here are the top four items we see our clients use to create a list of venues or narrow down their selections. Benefit from renting a versatile venue in Boston today!

Adequate Space

When planning a large and important event such as a fundraiser or gala, providing enough space for your guests to mingle and enjoy the additional tables with food, raffles, and desired activities is important. Choosing a venue with adequate space is crucial because it directly impacts the capacity of the event. If the venue is too small, there might not be enough space for all the attendees, which could lead to discomfort and an unpleasant experience. On the other hand, if the venue is too big, it might make the event appear empty and uninviting. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the number of attendees and choose a venue that can comfortably accommodate them.

Aesthetics + Comfort

Typically the goal of your event will be to bring donors and guests together to promote and fundraise for your charity. While creating the guest list is your responsibility, you will also be looking to select a venue that is pleasing and comfortable for these donors. You can review various items, such as whether the seating is comfortable, whether the lighting should be adjusted, and other aesthetic considerations before choosing your fundraising venue.

Amenities + Staff

Don’t ruin your event by overlooking the basics! Planning your event months in advance gives you many venue options, but will each have all the amenities you are looking for? When reaching out to these venues, consider the following and triple-check too. Start by ensuring they will provide the basics such as tables, chairs, linens, access to sound systems, AV equipment, and outlets to power your presentations. In addition to the basics, hosting your fundraiser at a restaurant with private event spaces provides added benefits such as on-site catering, and available and reliable staff to help with the set-up, serving, and breakdown of the event. Fundraising venues often come with the basics you are looking for, but remember to make a checklist and ask before booking your venue.


Accessibility is crucial when booking a venue because it ensures that all attendees can attend and participate in the event regardless of their mobility. A venue with poor accessibility can be a huge inconvenience for people with disabilities, making it challenging or even impossible for them to access certain areas of the venue. This not only creates a negative experience for attendees with disabilities but also sends a message that the event is not inclusive. Therefore, it’s essential to consider accessibility when booking a venue to ensure that everyone can participate and enjoy the event to the fullest.

Finalize Your Venue With Help From Boston’s Best Events

When looking for where to host your fundraiser in Boston, turn to the experts at Boston’s Best Events to assist you in selecting the perfect venue for your event. Don’t pass up the opportunity to book your dream venue with all the bells and whistles you are looking for. Now that you have the four essentials for choosing the right venue for your event contact Boston’s Best Events to see which venues will suit your needs! Contact our team for more information by calling (617)591-5912 or filling out an online inquiry form. We look forward to helping you book your event!